It's been a while since we've heard from The Bug (AKA London producer Kevin Martin), but he's back and ready to get the party started. He has a new label (a subsidiary of Ninja Tune) that's based on and named after his new genre, Acid Ragga. The newly coined genre draws inspiration from Aphex Twin, Plastikman, and Phuture and "twists it into Kevin’s own perverted take on classic dancehall. Harkening back to when Sleng Teng refined Jamaican music as we know it, the Acid Ragga imprint will forever scar the face of raggamuffin reggae.” Wow.

He's celebrating this creation with the release of several 7" singles, the first of which is 'Can't Take This No More (feat. Daddy Freddy)', which you can hear below. The B-side, called 'Rise Up', features Hype Williams' Inga Copeland. You can pre-order the 7" here.