In the end, robots will rule the world. It's all because of the impending technological singularity. Basically it works like this: artificial intelligence is growing in sophistication at an exponential rate. Once it takes over what the human brain is capable of then all bets are off. And that shouldn't be too long away now. Computers will accelerate away beyond our understanding and do things we don't get as they become the chief agents of their own development. It'll be like the film I, Robot but without Will Smith. Or robots.

What's this got to do with The Mars Volta you rightly ask?

It's because there'll inevitably be billions of artificial intelligences with lots of spare time for thinking things and some will be eccentric enough to take an unhealthy interest in human cultural history. And they will discover this track and using some sort of advanced computer language they will share this track with each other. And they'll say "what the fuck?"

And they'll listen to the crazy first bit with with the strobing percussion and in a debate that lasts an astonishingly long 2000th of a second (that's an age to an AI), they'll say things like "shit, that's crazy," "I like how slow it is" and "I'm sure that's a hexadecimal message encoded into binary and played backwards" as the percussion attack their inputs.

To be fair, the AIs will probably only be interested in the first bit as it gets a bit more standard after that. The drums are still hella crazy but the singing is almost normal and a little bit too American. Not interesting enough for the machines of the future I'm afraid; but for us humans it's still quite good.