Sometimes an album cover is so inherently perfect to it's context it makes you grin inanely.

Sometimes an album cover is so over the top it makes you want to vomit neon shapes widly.

The Comic-Sans-based cover art for Danish band Thulebasen achieves a mixture of the two; with the resulting journey being a psychedelic clash of surreal proportions, much like the track in question. 'Forever Grinning' is packed full of eerie screeches, seagulls, wailing guitars yet with some damn sweet riffs. The track is based on a painting, the blurb on Soundcloud describes it best:

The single was commissioned by the Statens Museum for Kunst, Denmark's National Art Museum, to create a song for one of the paintings from their collection of 19th-century Danish paintings. Independently of each other, the three members of the band became stuck on a Jørgen Sonne painting from 1847: ”Midsummer’s Eve". Sick People Asleep upon the Grave of St Helena at Tisvilde”. The painting depicts a group of visibly infirm people sitting, and waiting. A myth states that the Saint could heal them if they stayed on the grave overnight. With a strange luminosity that is both light and dark, this painting is famous for being the first to capture the unique light conditions of a summer night in Denmark. "Forever Grinning" is the song they wrote for this painting.

It is available as a limited edition 12" featuring remixes by Eric Copeland, Gala Drop, Lamburg Tony, Hhappiness and Lucky Dragons on March 26th, via Splendour.