The 405 is pleased to present 'Underwater', a swimming collaboration between Ego Ella May and Soulection's IAMNOBODI. The soulful track comes fresh off Ego Ella May's forthcoming EP, Breathing Underwater, which is scheduled for release on February 5. Mini D and Kojey Radical are also credited on the production of the project.

Based in South London, the 21-year-old vocalist/self-taught guitarist dropped her debut EP The Tree last year. Ego Ella May has been described by many as versatile due to her multi-talented abilities on guitar, beatmaking and even freestyling. As the premiere single for her next project, these skills certainly come across and dare say, represent the future of soul.

Give in to the flow, let go and dive without fear as Ego Ella May's soothing vocals wash over your ears on 'Underwater'.

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