This soft bleepery of smartly plunking bass is great, a simple melody made addictive through minute skips in the rhythm and its glorious repetition. Set this to a low key beat and add some harsh, noisy synths that seem to whizz by your ears like melodic pitch-shifted thunder and you have yourself a very nice sound, something crossed between understated dance and electropop, its louder sounds contrasting with and also complimenting the clean cut sounds that otherwise grace this track.

Oh goodness I didn't even say anything about the name of the track or the artist. It's in the title of this post but I will also type it after this colon: 'Your Planet' by Young Ejecta. Isn't it lovely? A combination of pop and muted, hypnotic dance to provide a sort of diluted euphoria served through a panoramic view of plaintive love. It comes from their new mini-album (cuter way of saying EP) The Planet, out 27th January 2015. You can procure this track over at iTunes.

Fun fact: Young Ejecta used to be called just plain ol' Ejecta.

  • The Planet tracklist:
  • 1. Into Your Heart
  • 2. Welcome to Love
  • 3. All Day
  • 4. Recluse
  • 5. Your Planet
  • 6. What You Done