We recently featured record label PC Music in an interesting guide that dissects and analyses the 2013-born label. However, today we take a look at the London-based label's latest production - the sugar-coated and candy-flossed 'Beautiful'.

Created by the label's founder and producer A. G. Cook, the track perfectly embodies all that is good about PC Music: Hi-Energy pacing, unnaturally chirpy vocals and soundbites, keyboard-galore and of course, the suspicious feeling that this is the result of inbreeding amongst '90s Pop anthems.

Just like 'Beautiful''s artwork, which features a closeup of entrancingly appealing pearl-pink pebbles, the track is innately kitschy, yet feels like a legitimate, refined piece of dance that you are bound to Dance Dance Revolution to. Constantly shifting in mood, propelling and building up with a flawless bass line before dipping into synthetic string arrangements and quivering vocal chops, 'Beautiful' does not need no description but its title.