Spectrals, Louis Jones' project from Leeds, have revealed their new rocking single, 'A Heartbeat Behind'.

Produced by JR White, former bassist for Girls, 'A Heartbeat Behind' is rocker built on a catchy guitar riff and clever lyrics. Jones starts the track off confessing "Selfish is my middle name," before trying to explain to the object of his affection that he’s been "a heartbeat behind/most of my life." There's a great mesh of country and rockabilly to the single that evokes A.M.-era Wilco to me. The new found polish on the Spectrals sound goes a long way here. There's a tightness to the rhythm section and bounce in the guitars, all propelling the listener through this rollicking single.

Spectrals will release their second record titled Sob Story on June 17th via Witchita.