"More obsolescence found on old hard drives," he says. Hey Sufjan Stevens , if we had magic like this hanging around in the nooks and crannies of our old hard-drives we'd be pretty darn smug about it!

This early recording of 'Impossible Soul' which appeared on Sufjan's 2010 album The Age Of Adz and sprung out of a jamming session in Seattle in 2009.

"This one is hilarious," he says. "A live jam session in Seattle, WA (circa 2009?) that evolved into the last party section of 'Impossible Soul'. Casey on bass, James on drums, me on piano, overdub choir is a bunch of folks I don't remember who. Recorded in Casey's living room. We were just trying to have fun. For those of you suffering the darkness, remember: It's a long life. Pace yourself. Put your face together. Stay Positive!"

Have a listen below and smile wide!

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