In music, there are no collaborations more likely to make the hardened headphone collective beam with serene joy like a joint partnership between Four Tet and Burial.

Being the mysterious chap that he is, Burial has had his identity conspired over for years, with Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet, feeling the brunt of this - taking to twitter back in August to yet again rubbish rumours that he himself was the shadowy South London producer.

Four Tet's new album Beautiful Rewind was released to the tune of two eight-hour DJ sets from Hebden at Fabric and on Rinse FM respectively, and on the second he dropped this, a stunning new work from himself and long-time collaborator William Bevan, aka Burial (if that is indeed his real name.)

Listen to the garage-heavy track below, as long as you promise not to draw comparisons between the two producers because we've been doing that even more since Beautiful Rewind came out and seriously, it'll drive you mad worse than the Breaking Bad finale.

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