After rounding out 2013 as one of the more exciting up-and-coming producers, West coast beat fiend Ras G is starting off 2014 strong. Earlier today, G released his sequel to the Stone Throw mixtape Raw Fruit with Raw Fruit Vol. 2

Made solely on his SP303/404 and MPC 2000XL, G had this to say on the release:

      U already know.....
      Raw Fruit 2!!!
      same agenda
      another raw "cold pressed"
      blunt smoking....
      green drink sippin....
      beat adventure
      made at my SpaceBase
      for I&I to vibe out to
      Stay tuned for Raw Fruit 3 & 4
      .....and yes they are done and ready to go!!!!!!
      Shem E Hotep

    Purchase Raw Fruit Vol. 2 today at Stones Throw, which comes with exclusive art designed by Seth Ferris.

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