TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek has been incredibly busy as of late, and it doesn't look like he'll be slowing down any time soon. In addition to producing records for The Orwells and Cerebral Ballzy, he's been releasing some great remixes and is the head of his own label Federal Prism. He doesn't stop there, though - he's also come out with a solo album, 2010's LP under the moniker Maximum Balloon, and a song on the Dark Was the Night compilation.

Today, he's released his first solo song under his real name 'God Damn Beauty'. It's out on 17 June and it's got a little bit of everything, from his deep, soothing vocals to a Mexican horn section and drums that sound like they'd be better suited for a pop record. He makes it all work, though, and the song is truly something special.

Listen below.

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