For a while there, Four Tet was releasing music like nobody's business. He was doing mixes for radio stations, releasing demos and other unreleased material, collaborating with Jamie xx, even producing Neneh Cherry's album Blank Project. Considering it's been roughly a month since we've heard from him, he figured it was about time to #bless us with some new tunes. He took to Twitter to announce his new music through his Text imprint, saying “TEXT029 and TEXT030 and TEXT031 are ready and will all be released on the same day,” adding that they'll be released "around 28 April I think.”

The first of those releases will be the new EP from Taravel titled Streetways, and the other two will be 12" from Four Tet's side project Percussions. The first will include 'KHLHI' and 'Sext', and the other will have 'Ascii Bot' and 'Blatant Water Cannon', which is a six minute long track that you can stream below. There'll be “special Pono 23bit mastered limited RSD versions coming soon" so be sure to keep an eye out for those!

Update: he's also streaming 'Ascii Bot'.