Samantha Urbani is one talented woman. She wrote, arranged, performed, and co-produced her first (of many, hopefully) new solo song '1 2 3 4', and it's killer. A pop-funk tune that oozes Prince and 80's vibes, it's seriously groovy, and you can stream it below.

Sam Mehran of Test Icicles was the other co-producer on the song, and Dev Hynes did the string and horn arrangements. She said on the song's Soundcloud page that "Parts were recorded on the MetroNorth train from New Haven to Grand Central, in Dev's old East Village apartment, in Samantha's secret hermit home, in Matt's Bushwick shred palace, and in Sam's Hollywood dungeon studio." She then revealed on Twitter that she has "1 million" other solo tracks, so it looks like this won't be the last we hear from her:

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