We're exactly two months away from getting our hands on the highly anticipated new album from Surfer Blood, 1000 Palms, and now they've shared a new cut from the record titled 'I Can't Explain'. Turns out that Surfer Blood's John Paul Pitts can explain the track pretty well, as he's done in a press release:

“I Can't Explain is one of our most collaborative efforts to date. The hook just came to us one day in the practice space and we wrote the rest of the song around it. The lyrics (by Kevin Williams) tell the story of a romantic encounter on a New Year's Eve past and build slowly with the rest of the song. I've always been keen on a long instrumental outro, so this seemed like the perfect spot for a long, jammy guitar section - a place for us to get some Yo La Tengo/Built to Spill guitar fetishizing out of our system.”

1000 Palms drops on Fierce Panda Records on 11 May, and the full tracklisting can be found after the track.

  • Tracklist:
  • 1. Grand Inquisitor
  • 2. Island
  • 3. I Can’t Explain
  • 4. Feast/Famine
  • 5. Point of No Return
  • 6. Sabre-Tooth and Bone
  • 7. Covered Wagons
  • 8. Dorian
  • 9. Into Catacombs
  • 10. Other Desert Cities
  • 11. NW Passage

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