By now you should know that we're huge fans of Lizzo, a Minneapolis based singer/rapper whose debut album just came out in the later half of 2013. It seems the producers over at the HBO televsion show Girls are as well, because they've gotten her to record a new song for the show called 'Paris', which will be played during the show's next episode.

She's described her sound as "superhero music" and I'd say that's pretty fitting. Her lyrics are incredibly witty and quick on her aforementioned album LIZZOBANGERS, and that doesn't change at all on 'Paris'. She drops nods to both Jay-Z and Prince, asking "Have you ever been to Paris at night?" before replying with "Neither have I, neither have I." Stream 'Paris' over at SPIN.

Interested in getting to know Lizzo a little bit better? Check out our interview we did with her in November of last year.