Former Wu Lyf bassist Tom McClung reveals his new project, Francis Lung, with lead single, 'A Selfish Man'. The song finds Roberts moving even further from Wu Lyf's "heavy pop" sound for something considerably more mellow.

'A Selfish Man' opens a few bars of glimmering guitar melody, a straight-forward drumbeat, and McClung's soft-spoken, introspective vocals - quite a contrast from Ellery James Roberts The-Boss-meets-Tom-Waits growl. Roberts seems to genuinely lament the dissolution of Wu Lyf, a band known known as much its impressive, hard-rocking songs as its its ability to elude and baffle the press by adding "extras" to band photos or deleting its Wikipedia page.

In 'A Selfish Man', McClung sings "When everything becomes too much/ You have to leave/ Abandoning was not the plan." That's a bit more, egh, diplomatic than what Roberts offered up in last month's lo-fi fuzz fest 'Kerou's Lament'. Regardless, McClung seems to be making peace with the groups demise, and moving forward with promising new material.

McClung has thrown himself into his music since late 2012. Last year, after the initial split of Wu Lyf, McClung, drummer Joe Manning, guitarist Evans Kati formed Los Porcos and released a self-titled, power pop 12-inch on Caledonia Records. Now, less than half a year later McClung is set to put out Francis Lung's "A Selfish Man" 7-inch on January 16. McClung's established himself as an artist to watch in 2014.

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