Strong beats combine with ambience and explosive synths in this new track from Parisian musicmaker, aamourocean. It's called 'CYAN TEEN' and, in its different section at least, it's as huge and imposing as it is delicate and full of feeling; there are cutting lo-fi piano chords and popping trance-like synths, glistening waterfall droplets and distorted fizz – all working together. A vocal sample sings imploringly, "Don't be afraid…!" – it's pitch-shifted, chopped, looped and set like an ever-changing diamond into the robust casing of the track. It's a catchy and well-balanced track, an atmospheric example of emotional trap (non-official, don't worry, I just said it) – a kinda happy hybrid that's making headway at the moment.

This is a new single (download it free here) from an upcoming EP. In the meantime, check out their equally emotional live set for Rinse FM France.

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