Here is the newest release by Awesome Tapes From Africa. But first! – a little background; well, actually, it's all in the name.

Sounds from various regions in Africa, released between the '70s and the 21st century, RE-released on (usually) LP/CD/MP3 and, of course, limited edition cassette. What ATFA are doing has certainly captured the imaginations of many, perhaps because music from Africa is some of the most sorely under-appreciated yet massively influential music in the world, and as such their large and constantly growing fandom has led to many things - a Boiler Room set being just one of these.

So, this newest release is a rebirth for the music of Aby Ngana Diop, namely her album Liital. Taken from that album, here is 'Dieuleul-Dieulel'. A slice of taasu – a Wolof-language (spread between Senegal, Gambia & Mauritania) poetic style, usually performed by a female griot (West African storyteller/historian/poet) with an aggressive flow, thought to be a precedent of rap – it features rainy marimba sounds, wild almost breakbeat style drums, and synthesised distorted guitar which drips with delightful MIDI-esque simplicity. On top of this, the late Aby Ngana Diop drops her vigour and vitality verbally, making for an energetic number that, whilst novel and exotic, effuses a modern atmosphere that is instantly familiar and destined for dancefloors.

Aby Ngana Diop's groundbreaking Liital drops 2nd September on ATFA.