With her debut ready to drop in a few weeks, Pharmakon shares 'Ache', the second track from her new LP. Pharmakon is Margaret Chardiet, a 22-year-old experimental noise rock artist. Chardiet approaches her music with a perfectionist's eye, crafting her compositions carefully. Recording as Pharmakon for five years, Chardiet is a founding member of the Red Light District Collective in NY, spending time among other likeminded artists to push and inspire her music.

'Ache' opens with mechanical pulses that establish a foundational rhythm with metallic noise swelling. When Chardiet begins to scream and howl, it's clear you've wandered into a nightmarish place with no way out, but you don't want to leave. As 'Ache' slowly progresses onward, all of these elements blend together, always with the blood chilling shrieks above it all, you can hear Chardiet's dedication to her craft. 'Ache' is a challenging and exciting listen as Chardiet attempts to exorcise demons, never letting us know if she wins.

Pharmakon's debut, Abandon, will be released via Sacred Bones on June 10yh.

Turn out the lights, turn up your headphones, and listen to 'Ache':