"It's a profound effort from the group, who play with a multitude of elements - never letting the nervous sprawl escape in the overall effort."

Ok, so that statement was conjured up for the stunning 'Spook', but thankfully it can applied to the majority of the tracks found on Adult Jazz's debut album, Gist Is.

Listen to it below courtesy of NPR, and make sure you pick it up on August 4th via Spare Thought.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 01. Hum
  • 02. Am Gone
  • 03. Springful
  • 04. Donne Tongue
  • 05. Pigeon Skulls
  • 06. Spook
  • 07. Idiot Mantra
  • 08. Be A Girl
  • 09. Bonedigger