Jakarta Records sub-label Habibi Funk, "dedicated to releasing arabic music of the 1970s and 1980s," have announced their second release, following their launch back in May with a release by Tunisian band Dalton.

This one arrives from late Moroccan artist, Fadoul. Making his music in the late 1970s and 80s – billed as "Morocco's answer to James Brown" – he even went on to compose the jingle for a popular brand of orange juice in Morocco, before passing away at the age of 50 in 1991. Little else is known about him – even online there seems to be no record of his existence. But through a chance discovery in a run-down electronics shop in the medina of Casablanca in 2012, whose owner used to own a record label, numerous trips to Morocco, and meeting with members of Fadoul's family, Fadoul's music will finally be heard by the wider world.

Jannis Stürtz of Jakarta Records and Habibi Funk said in a statement:

"Needless to say it, sitting in the living room of Fadoul’s family was an emotional moment for for all of us. For his sister and family who would have never thought that Fadoul’s music gained this much attention outside of Morocco and who hadn’t heard his music for 30 years due to the absence of a record player in the house. And obviously also for me as the 3 year search came to an end. I was more than happy that they loved the idea to re-release Fadoul’s music."

Eight of his tracks put together – including the one below, 'Al Zmain Saib' (seemingly a cover of 'All Right Now' by Free with an Arabic lilt to the music itself) – will comprise Fadoul's first LP: Azmanah Sa'Ib (Time Is Hard).

Pre-order it, and read a larger statement from Stürtz, here.