Upon their arrival Algiers immediately lit a fire inside the minds of all those who heard them, including revered indie label Matador, who released their self-titled debut album. The Atlanta band will be returning on June 23rd with their second album The Underside Of Power, which is just as fully charged and empowering as their debut.

Perhaps no song better exemplifies the heady mix of pop and politicism that Algiers have put together on their new album than focal point 'Cleveland', which they have unleashed today. The title is a double reference, firstly it references the gospel of ‘Peace Be Still’ by Rev James Cleveland, which is sampled in the song. But the main reference of 'Cleveland' is to the city in Ohio, where, in November 2014, a 12 year-old black boy Tamir Rice was shot and killed by police.

This brutal injustice is what fuels the band on this song, and singer Franklin James Fisher says of it “I wanted the song to sound like the Final Judgement in the Bible, wherein the wicked are judged and condemned by the righteous with all the “weeping and gnashing of teeth,” of the damned when justice is finally realized. This translates in the “solo” section of the song. It consists of various recordings of people inconsolably crying and weeping while the guitar and lead vocal mirror their contortions. If you’ve ever witnessed something like that in real life, sound of a person’s sorrow is equal parts frightening and musical."

Listen to 'Cleveland' below, and look forward to our interview with Algiers to be published ahead of the release of new album The Underside Of Power on June 23rd.