Alxndr London is impressive. Minimal yet pungent, the British singer/songwriter has only streamed just four striking polygonal tracks to date and has garnered the natural reflex of respect and interest from inquiring listeners with his nomadic retro soul vocals over eloquently manipulated, masterfully arranged genre-benders.

'Harrison' is London's next offering, a new vintage soul/R&B ballad finely tuned over jazzy saxophone, light percussion, kind and elusive piano progressions that has stretched the elusive singer beyond what we've heard from him already on singles like 'Jupiter And Pluto' and 'Date X.' Produced by British-producer Harrison, the newest sparse intersection of sound is a welcomed fit to London's already budding sonic library, where epic songwriting and crafted instrumentation checks out.

Alxndr London's live show debut will be at London's Electrowerkz on October 26th.