After news earlier this week that a Tupac biopic will actually go ahead, an interview with Jim Belushi and Tupac Shakur has surfaced.

The 20-minute interview comes from 1996, when journalists asked Belushi and Tupac questions on the set of 1997-released film, Gang Related. This is about 3 weeks before he was shot and killed in Las Vegas on 13th September 1996.

Speaking about acting with Jim, Tupac also explained himself relating to the general situation that perhaps led to his death:

"We are in the midst of war. Nobody wants me to live longer than [them]. Nobody's gonna give me the breath out of their mouth for me to live longer, so therefore I’m not giving anybody the breath out of my mouth for them to live longer. I'll just breathe deeply and go through this life myself without bothering anybody. Without pushing anybody else over. But on the same token, nobody ever will move me from where I’m standing."

Also, when asked what the biggest misconception people have about him, he was quite illuminating:

"Um, there's so many, I'd have to hear the misconception and then I'll break it down. There's a lot, but that I'm one-sided – that's the biggest one I would think, is that I'm one-sided. All of us as human beings have a dominant and, uh, and a quiet side, you know what I mean? I happen to be a gemini. AND, you know what I mean, I'm young, AND I'm black, AND I'm from the hood, so it's just, you got all these different facets. But I'm an artist, you know what I mean? And I'm hungry for knowledge, so there's no pigeonhole for them to put me in… so they'd rather just make it look like I'm crazy. That's the biggest misconception."

Listen below.