Man the original song is as quiet and solemn as a lamenting hymn, it's almost like a dirge – check it out if you don't know it: here's 'World' by Julia Holter.

On the other hand, here's an edit of that haunting song by creator of careworn, Weltschmerz-brimming, but beautiful instrumental tracks, ANENON. A participant of 2011's Red Bull Music Academy, this sometime-saxophone-weilding LA-based musicmaker has given Julia Holter's track quite the makeover. It now glistens with otherworldly bells, synth flute glitterings and chopped vocals floating in harmonious patterns, set on a jouncing and unpredictable bassline seemingly coated in the dust of the world.

I imagine this'd make a good soundtrack for trekking through a jungle somewhere, coming across some ancient ruins caked in the mud of time and laced with nature's overbearing stranglers and creepers.

It's old but hey: peep ANENON live at RBMA x Boiler Room Los Angeles (it's really good).