Day Three in Angel Haze's recording studio and Angel Haze is weighing up which of two songs to put out as her 30 Gold series, the daily freestyle series created to hype up the release of her debut album, Dirty Gold.

Yesterday, Haze tweeted that she was deciding whether to put out a freestyle over either Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' or Drake's 'Worst Behaviour'. While a 'Wrecking Ball' based freestyle would be in sticking with the cultural zeitgeist, the smoother, laid back flavours of 'Worst Behaviour' bring something a little different to the series, which has so far been two days of Haze spitting venom at anyone and everyone.

This freestyle seems heavily influenced by Kendrick Lamar's BET awards freestyle from Monday night; an act of bragging more than anything. "When you know the game yours/You don't even need a medal" feels a lot like Kendrick's "Hold up, wait a minute/Your career ain't shit unless you got some Kendrick in it." A lot lower, smoother, and less venomous than the previous two, it's nice to see Haze changing it up a bit.

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