I'm not quite sure what is going on with Angel Haze's 30 Gold series. We were meant to get a new freestyle every day for 30 days; probably a bit of a pipe dream since I imagine it is quite difficult to get that done well. Things have been getting a little more sporadic recently, the last one we heard was last Thursday's cover of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball, but now she's back to, once again, take inspiration from Gil Scott-Heron.

Haze has already used Scott-Heron's gritty 'New York is Killing Me' is in her excellent single 'New York' from the Reservation EP, but this freestyle is definitely more furious that 'New York' ever was. If 'New York' was Haze marking her territory, this freestyle is second warning for haters and the like to back off her turf lest she send them home crying to their mamas. It's nice to get back to the sort of freestyle which dominated the start of the series, as brilliant as the introspective Macklemore and Ryan Lewis freestyle was, because Haze really is able to get that ferocity across well.