After introducing us to the 30 Gold series on Monday night, Angel Haze returned as promised last night to deliver us a new freestyle while everyone else seemed too busy with the BET Awards.

This one features a somewhat less angry Hazy rapping over Jay Z's 'Tom Ford'. Compared to the 'Black Skinhead' freestyle, she has suitable simmered down a little bit in the interim, making references to George of the Jungle of all things. Of course, there is still anger there, just thrown around in a more playful, exuberant way rather than spitting out the lyrics with a real ferocity.

The whole series is set to create buzz for Haze's upcoming debut album, Dirty Gold, which is out towards the end of this year. We're not quite sure what tonight's freestyle will be over but, suffice it to say, it's becoming a treat to see what she can produce every day.

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