Yesterday, I discovered, thanks to an advert on TV, that OneRepublic were still a thing. I'll be honest, my knowledge of them only stems from that one song that was remixed by Timbaland back in 2007 so I thought they did an Orson and had one song that everyone knew then faded into obscurity. Apparently not though, as the latest in Angel Haze's 30 Gold series is a cover of 'Counting Stars'.

We were due a dud at some point. We've had too many great entries to the series lately that it felt almost like we were pushing our luck, getting such great tunes for free every other day. It's not that this one is bad but, like the actual song (which I have actually listened to now - they probably should've left it at 'Apologize' really but the video does have a crocodile in it, so that's cool I guess), it's just decidedly average. If you want a better fill of Angel Haze, have a read of her great interview with Rolling Stone about her upcoming album Dirty Gold.

Head here to listen to the track.

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