After her deeply affecting spoken word piece entitled 'You Broke My Heart' we received last week, Angel Haze's 30 Gold series returns today with something a little more upbeat; a joyful antidote at the other side of the spectrum. Choosing to opt for another cover, she takes on John Newman's neo-soul hit, 'Love Me Again'.

It's pretty much kept exactly as it was, no stripping anything back, just letting those horns and that piano line do what they do best, just Haze's proven soulful voice taking over from the frequent Rudimental collaborator from North Yorkshire. Haze's cover of Lana Del Rey's 'Summertime Sadness' has shown that, when she wants, she can vocally soften things up and still sound incredible, and the same is heard here, only chuck on a bit of gravitas and a pinch of auto-tuning on the chorus, giving her voice a Channy Leaneagh vibe.

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