So far, in Angel Haze's 30 Gold series we've seen Camp Haze knock it out of the park time after time, smashing it into another city with the last entry, a freestyle over Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' 'Same Love'. Which is why it's just slightly disappointing that the latest instalment, after a few days break as well, is not really up to par.

It's not that it's bad, because it's great as far as covers go, but it's just that, a cover. Haze takes on Miley Cyrus' recent big hit, 'Wrecking Ball', with just her pipes and an acoustic guitar. It's packed with emotion as Haze really gives it her all where it's needed, while keeping things subtly fragile elsewhere. It's just that it's not exciting enough. It's just very clear-cut.

I think it's mainly just after seeing what she can do when given a decent beat to freestyle over. Were this released any other time, I'd adore this, but because it's part of the 30 Gold series, which has so far just been freestyles, I was expecting more exciting raps. Good on Haze, though, for making the series into a sort of advent calendar type situation, and mixing it up every day, but I really just want to hear her do what she does best: freestyle over anything.

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