J Dilla had plenty of unfinished projects by the time he died way too soon. Unlike other posthumous releases, J Dilla's always sound as good as his actual releases; there's no messing around trying to find his style from a few cuts that might've been found, they just are uniquely Dilla. So, while fans wait for the release of the posthumous album, The Diary, there's a new EP to tide them over.

Entitled Give 'Em What They Want, the five track EP, set for release on clear 12 inch vinyl, dates back to around 2002. Another gem plucked from Dilla's huge collection (anyone who watched the J Dilla episode of Crate Diggers will know just how vast it is), it's the third in the series leading up to The Diary, following Anthem and Diamonds and Ice, due out on May 6th.

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