Brighton House-pop duo Anushka have released 'Never Can Decide', the first single from their upcoming album, and it's .... OK.

By adding some smokey jazz and pop elements to the tried-and-true House music formula, Anushka made something of a name for themselves this past spring with the Yes Guess EP.

Suspense for a full-length heightened when the group offered up a free download of 'The Constant' - a bass heavy club banger that highlight the vocal chops of singer Victoria Port. 'Never Can Decide' sheds some of Anushka's more interesting elements for a straight forward House track. The song opens with promise, there's an airy electric piano sample, some atmospherics and Port's delightful vox.

Then the bass drops, and Anushka's producer, Max Wheeler, engages autopilot. The next three minutes are just generic House music, save for some spirited vocal melodies from Port in the last 50 seconds.

It's a shame. Anushka was showing some real promise up until this point. Yes Guess EP was solid, and the seven-minute epic 'Tried & Tried' form i-D Online's September 2012 mixtape was mighty impressive.

Sure, there's a few House aficionados already raving about 'Never Can Decide', and it's not that it's bad song. It's just, in this writer's opinion, Anushka have shown potential for much more. Perhaps even better tracks await on the yet unreleased LP. It's due out early next year from Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings.