If you wanted the 1994 Aphex Twin record when it hit the web back in April, you would have had to pay a hefty price tag: to the tune of $13,500. However, electronic music form We Are the Music Makers took one for the team and got in touch with the record's owner to make it at least a little bit more affordable for everyone. They made it so the LP would only cost $8,368 and there would be 500 digital copies made available online. Not too bad.

Richard Davis James and Rephlex Records supported the agreement, and when the Kickstarter campaign passed its goal (like really passed the goal) of $9,300 by getting $67,000 in funds. If you were one of the first 500 people to back the campaign, you got a copy of the digital album, which some kind soul uploaded to YouTube for us all to enjoy. Bless the internet.

Listen below.

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