Rap in different languages. How do you feel about it? I personally believe that we shouldn't limit ourselves to our own societies or cultures when it comes to most things, from food to entertainment. Rap included. Sure, you might not be able to understand what's being said, but if the rapper's good enough you'll be able to feel the same emotion that they're conveying with words in the way that they speak, in the fluctuating tones of their flow. This said, I'd like to introduce you to Taiwanese rapper, Aristophanes貍貓 – a truly fine example of how rap can work exceedingly well in any language.

A teacher by day who only got into rap and hip hop a few years ago, Aristophanes貍貓 is part of Taipei's underground hip-hop scene. Her flow, in Mandarin, is unmistakable, filled with vocal nuances that display with almost perfect clarity the feelings behind each bar. This is best heard in her track 'The Peach Blossom'. With a blissfully chilled soundscape of soft lounge satisfaction created by Japanese producer Lidly (oh, yeah, she also always works with wonderfully originally beatmakers), she re­tells a Chinese folk tale about a mythical, utopian village that can never be found. Her voice aches with sensual longing, caressing her words with a dream­-induced, somewhat sleepy lilt. She switches between this slow, soulful style and more urgent, breathless bars where even her sharp intakes of breath add to the song's emotional atmosphere. Stunning.

Aristophanes貍貓 is an intelligent rapper whose tracks strike a balance between experimental beats – thanks to her choice of producers – and meaningful words, covering subjects from existential philosophy and the politics of Taiwan, to memories and the prospective life of a hypothetical child: a true original.