The music of Jonathan Palmer, aka Awesome Wells, defies categorisation. This might be something to do with the intrepid fellow's research methods - hitching around Armenia or Myanmar, persuading rotund men with remarkable hats to part with their tubas or tricking Burmese fortune tellers into muttering secrets towards his trusty dictaphone. In short, Awesome Wells is a musical klepto.

'Arna' sounds like Avey Tare and Mike Love riding Nemesis and chundering out a flock of geese. What starts as some Revolution 9-esque contortions soon bursts into a technicolor cloud of mbira, Jew's harp and huge harmonies. And it's bloody amazing. 'Arna' was released a while back on Red Deer Club, but rumour has it that Palmer's working on a new collaboration project with Kit Records. Stay tuned.

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