From the subversive beginnings of a bedroom in the Midlands somewhere to a debut show at Bestival this summer, Astronomyy's progression in aesthetics is now mimicked in his music. 'Not Into U' takes the soothed-beats of the songsmith's earlier work and projects them into a colosseum of layered vocals, driven synthesisers and almost theatrical guitar work. "You're not the one that I'm here to love, you're just the one that I stumbled on." The piece is centered by mantric finger clicks and a gorgeous, soulful tenor.

Astronomyy is very much a 21st Century artist. Whether it's his lyrics reading like a disgruntled, heart-stopping exchange of tweets or the global scope of his communication through millions of Soundcloud plays; he shares a symbiotic, inseparable connection with the digital world before he's yet to step out into the real one.