Melbourne producer Chiefs (Sione Sisifa) has debuted the title track from his upcoming Demon EP.

Featuring the shimmery R&B vocals of Beayz, the heady single combs together bombastic Top 40 energy with murky, futuristic panache. It can be had over at iTunes June 9th.

Sisifa described his recent project, saying: "'Demon' is easily the darkest in the latest collection of music I’ve been working on and its about is the basic idea of internal conflict that we battle with inside ourselves or worse against others. We see it constantly plastered on our media feeds as religiously motivated but in most cases it’s really the power hungry political fuck heads who kill it for us all. This is my first real attempt at song writing and I wanted to say something that challenges people to think about what they believe. My friend Beayz from Sydney nailed her performance and really brings the track to life. There's a haunting moment in this song where the message and music connects and I hope even if you're sweating in the club to this track, you still hear what I'm saying..."

Listen below.