While many are still reeling from the stupendously gorgeous 2013 LP Anxiety, Autre Ne Veut has finally released something new, although it's not quite what one might expect.

Put together for next month's New York edition of the Downtown Festival, Autre Ne Veut (Arthur Ashin) released his lengthy-titled "CD-Collection-Circa-2006 Mix: Or, Shopping the Tower Records Liquidation Sale." With the release, Ashin gave a very long explanation of it's origins, all of which you can read here (including the tracklist).

In it, he says; "At some point in 2004 or 2005 the Tower Records in downtown Manhattan closed its doors following a massive liquidation sale. Could absolutely be wrong by a year or two. It wasn't the best shop in town. Even the Virgin in Union Square tended to carry deeper cuts, Other was around the corner. Kim's still existed, and forgive my memory, but Bleecker Bob's was probably still around at that point. Is it still? Regardless, I stumbled across the Tower sale almost completely accidentally and bought a ton of shit that they were basically giving away." ... "So I decided to make a mix CD sans the actual CD itself. No mixing, beat matching, DJ magic (well maybe a liiittle), just one song at a time. The rules are: one song per CD only, nothing boringly obvious, things that I'm feeling like listening to right now, played in order of how they were ripped, and that's it."

Listen to the 17-track mix below, featuring work from Brian Ferry, Kate Bush, Autechre, and plenty more. New York's Downtown Festival will take place October 2nd-4th.