Since the late '90s, Munich-raised, but Berlin-based house/techno DJ, producer and singer Virginia has been quietly (and not so quietly impressing) with her consistent singles, immaculate DJ sets, and live performances. With Fierce For The Night, her forthcoming new album on Ostgut Ton, she's taking things to new levels, as the euphoric chorus, strutting bass notes and rhythmic boogie bounce of 'Bally Linny' make abundantly clear.

Co-produced by Dutch artists Dexter, Martyn and Steffi, Fierce For The Night is "first and foremost an album about relationships" and the basic message of "go out, enjoy yourself, loosen up and take what's good for you," as explored through a musical frame informed by classic Funk, Boogie, Disco, UK Garage, Drum & Bass and House. Due for release on May 27, it looks set to be one of the most intoxicating and important full-length statements from club music culture in 2016.

You can pre-order Fierce For The Night here.