Next month will mark the sparkling debut of Barcelona native NOIA (Gisela Fulla-Silvestre), with her endlessly charming four-track EP Habits, featuring the pristine single 'Nostalgia Del Futuro'.

On the track, NOIA writes: "I wrote 'Nostalgia Del Futuro' about the recurring and destructive feeling so many of us have of idealizing the future as a perfect place that we're constantly striving for, but never actually reaching. It's the idea that peace exists in a shiny version of ourselves: when I achieve that, I'll feel complete, when I lose 'X' pounds, my self-esteem will be on fire."

The EP itself reflects the myriad of cultural influences Silvestre manifested, from being raised by activist parents fighting against the Franco dictatorship, to her cross-continental studies. "[The EP is] a reflection of my many idiosyncrasies – deep solitude, rigid eating schedules like a retired old man, nostalgia for an imagined future, desired memories of a better past, bread with olive oil & avocado, masturbation, etc."

On the crossing of English and Spanish influences, she says: "My music is maximalist or baroque in the way I have layers upon layers of sounds at work in the material."

Listen to 'Nostalgia Del Futuro' below and order NOIA's Habits EP today, which officially arrives October 14th on Cascine, Galaxxxy Sandwich (Spain), and Buen Dia Records (Mexico).