Beat Culture - aka creator of experimental pop, Sunik Kim - is re­-emerging after his debut album Tokyo Dreamer to bring you two new singles in early 2014: 'Drifter' and 'Shibuya'. These will fill the void for any fans out there whilst he gets busy on his next album.

'Drifter' is a lovely song. Drenched with the same eerie yet humble disquiet that ran through the theme for Twin Peaks, it's a shiveringly well­-crafted pop song that also features disarming vocals from Psychic Twin. Compared to the pop of the original, however, this remix from Ricky Eat Acid is another kettle of fish entirely: it's un­-pop. In fact, it's difficult to even tell where the elements of the original are - in aching refrain of the vocal sample, perhaps. Other than that, this is essentially a song in itself.

Yep, the refreshingly varied Maryland-­based artist Ricky Eat Acid's remix is hard and fast, pummelling you with a muffled hyper-­jungle beat and unrelenting waves of sub-­bass. Save from the ambient noise at the beginning, this is a sonic assault throughout - haunted by ever-­echoing vocals - wonderfully composed with dynamic pauses and an atmospheric fade­-out that leaves you feeling as if you've been to a nightclub in the middle of a cyclone that's just spat you out into some middle-of­n-owhere place.