Following a short hiatus, South London rapper Benjamin A.D. shares the introspective 'Come My Way' to mark his return. With the space-like synths, the rapper flits between a subtle croon and rap, whilst sending his thoughts into the void. Produced by Little Simz collaborator Junia-T and inspired by Benjamin's difficult past, 'Come My Way''s sounds invite listeners into his life, giving them a chance to connect on a personal level. 'Come My Way' is the first instalment in a monthly series of tracks and it appears fans may be taken on one hell of a journey.

What inspired the making of 'Come My Way'?

The making of 'Come My Way' was inspired by a dream I had, (most probably based on my last thoughts before I slept). It covers many thoughts, from gearing myself for success alongside crippling negativity and self-doubt that has also troubled me on my own journey. To keep it simple, I would say my state of mind and struggles were the main inspiration, I just vented all of these layers of thought through song.

You're a rapper but from listening to the track, is it fair to say that R&B is also an influence on your sound?

I guess you could say that! I have many influences. I love rapping, but I love music as a whole. My main means of expression is through rap but I believe my style is fused with so many different genre influences. I would lean more toward Jazz/Soul if pushed, but I'm cool with R&B if that's what you take from it!

It has a hazy and spaced out ambience, where was your mind at when you created this?

Of course with the track being dream-inspired, when Junia-T sent the track over the very next day (coincidence?) the instrumental perfectly complemented my mood. My mind was in a place of constant unrest. For as long as I can remember I have been overwhelmed by constant thoughts, which can make focus very difficult. I tried to convey that through the audio, but hone in on some key points of emphasis, for example "We're all children no matter how old, so have mercy on us." That quote may be the most important line of the song to me. I wrote it to remind everybody of how much pressure we put on ourselves in society, and on others around us. I remember being young and putting older people on a pedestal, now I'm older I realise nothing really changes. Nobody is immune to mistakes, everybody is prone to weakness. I could go on all day so I'll leave it there and hope you get what I mean.

You've called yourself a 'rhythmic philosopher', what does that mean?

Creating music while constantly growing means those that know of me and my music will have heard many different styles. The common denominator to me has been my level of introspective and analytical thinking. I study everything and everyone trying to make sense of it all. I'm a philosopher in my head, you add rhythm and you get my combination, no matter what type of music I'm bringing. It was a term that came to my head very early on, it's almost like another way to define myself to myself.

Does 'Come My Way' form a piece of a larger puzzle?

I would definitely say so. I love using tracks as documents for certain time periods so this track is an important piece of mine. When the newer tracks come together from this project people will definitely see the cohesion.