We blink and Stephen James Wilkinson, the UK musician behind the moniker Bibio, is back. Something must be said about the rate at which talented musicians are making music these days and if this new track release 'Down To The Sound' is anything to go by - we welcome the 'rush' wholeheartedly.

Known for creating albums drenched in eclectic, contrasting styles of ever evolving variables, his music feels more like a story being told, an invitation to a comforting journey. So it's no wonder that this time, his latest audio excursion is an EP and it's called The Green. His approach is somewhat familiar, but it certainly feels that he's beginning yet another conversation that bridges key earthy folk tones with his woozy-fied faint beat production. The closing crackle alludes to a sense of what's to come with the rest of the EP due out on January 29 via Warp Records - this minimalist approach really does come down to the sound and as each repetition of the guitar is countered by each vocal-line, the simplicity is as pleasant and panoramic as ever.

It seems Soundcloud is having some issues this afternoon, so if the player below doesn't show, head here.