Swedish trio Blänk are set to release their new album Only Built For Northern Lights next week, but get this: we're streaming it in full right now.

"Growing up in the north of Sweden in snow, cold and darkness shaped much of who we are; we sometimes hated it as teenagers and dreamed of living in big cities under the bright lights, things like that," the band says of their background and inspiration. "When you keep wanting to get away, your mind gets trapped into a strange cycle of anxiety and wild imagination of what life could be. We channel much of that angst and daydreaming into self-reflection, which drove the concept and content of the album."

"Another part of our inspiration is our different backgrounds Klas became a DJ in the early '90s, playing hip-hop vinyl all over Scandinavia and started producing beats later on," they continue, adding that the album is therefore a perfect soundtrack for "that weird time in life when celebration and self-reflection intersect. Something like a nighttime party by the Baltic sea, in our studio and house in the Sapmi-village Ryssbält, with the wilderness and forest around us."

"We hope people relate to the stories and the underlying meanings behind the lyrics," Blänk tell us when asked about the album's expected reception. "Hopefully it will mean as much to listeners as it meant to us when we wrote it. If you love Drake and Partynextdoor as much as old '90s indie-pop and 808-sound, I guess you might dig this too."

Stream it below.