Exercising an unabashed sense of interculturalism, bo en is a London­-based musicmaker with tastes whose home lies far from the United Kingdom's grey shores. He's an aficionado of Japanese culture in all its forms, not least in its variegated, high ­octane pop music. Particularly, he seems to be working on a modern revitalisation of early-90s Japanese genre, Shibuya­kei - a glorious mix of jazz, synthpop and plain ol' pop music. His debut album, Pale Machine, is a colourful, somewhat crazed and sometimes theatrical window into the music of Calum Bowen, the real name of bo en, described by himself as "introverted maximalist pop".

One of the songs on this album, 'Be Okay', features a collaboration with Osaka's Takuma Hosokawa, aka pop trackmaker Avec Avec and member of J­pop group Sugar's Campaign. The track is rife with hotchpotch and smile­-inducing influences; set to a skittering juke beat, synth chords play in bossa nova syncopation as Takuma and Calum share vocals (in Japanese and English) overrun with humming-­hours-­later hooks. It's a candy ­coloured lounge atmosphere that breathes more than a little happy-­go-­lucky videogame aesthetic into your eardrums, sandwiching this cutesy sound between the hefty beat and occasional ghetto house stock vocal samples of "Hey! Hey! Hey!" A magically upbeat song too bustling with sounds to go through them all, 'Be Okay' is something I never thought I'd find myself listening to. But here I am recommending it, which says a lot I think.

PS. You can download bo en's Pale Machine thanks to infamous Japanese netlabel, Maltine Records.