Swimming in a sea of emotional distance and bumping synths, singer-songwriter Nedelle Torrisi confronts longing on 'Born To Love You', the newest single from her forthcoming album re-release Advice From Paradise.

The former Ariel Pink and Sufjan Stevens collaborator crafted her album, out on re-release August 1st via Tin Angel Records, from the shredded remnants of a bad breakup - the kind Torrisi remarks as "not throwing-clothes-out-of-a-window bad," but still bad. The mired moments led to Advice From Paradise, where Torrisi ended up after writing pop songs to lift her out of the depression, melding positive R&B and accessible synth pop into an interpersonal portrayal.

Previously, the California-born singer-songwriter was a member of Cryptacize. The band's work was released on the aforementioned Stevens' record label Asthmatic Kitty, which ended up leading Torrisi to work with Stevens on last year's remarkable album Carrie And Lowell. The album itself was "missing in Russia" as Torrisi puts it, which is usually one of the more horrifying outcomes for presumably anything. Four months later it ended up back in her hands, luckily, and now Torrisi plans an all-new album following the re-release of Advice In Paradise.

Listen 'Born To Love You' below.