Meet 20-year-old Bournemouth singer Mhairi (pronounced mah-ree) who's making her first baby steps into the musical realm with a rather stunning debut and with musical influences from the likes of Massive Attack, Peter Gabriel and Imogen Heap, you'd be hard pressed to expect anything less.

'Crystalline' - while certainly drawing inspiration from these influences - still stands on its own as a rather frosty, R&B-spiced indie pop track with glitchy sounds, deep synths and well-constructed pop responsiveness. Think along the lines of BANKS but perhaps a little more left. "'Crystalline' explores the feeling of being lost inside your own mind," Mhairi said in a press release. "How introversion can be a detriment to your sense of self and the relationships you have. The lyrics follow an internal dialogue, and shows a kind of struggle between two parts of my mind - one that needs to indulge in being alone, and one that needs to be anywhere else other than inside my own head."