You might remember Braid as a key component of the Midwestern emo scene; their 1993-99 run produced three albums two compilations' worth of singles, covers and demos.

After 16 years away, the band are returning with their latest album No Coast - a collection of surprisingly measured songs that recall the band's heyday and why they were revered in the '90s.

You can listen to the album below courtesy of NPR. It's released on July 8th via Topshelf Records.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. Bang
  • 2. East End Hollows
  • 3. No Coast
  • 4. Damages!
  • 5. Many Enemies
  • 6. Pre-Evergreen
  • 7. Put Some Wings on That Kid
  • 8. Lux
  • 9. Doing Yourself In
  • 10. Climber New Entry
  • 11. Light Crisis
  • 12. This Is Not a Revolution

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