Already Dead Tapes, the Chicago-based DIY record label that releases cassettes, vinyls and fine art, have added TAPERS - the experimental electro-pop duo from London - to their existing impressive collective of artists. Gustav Rye and Simon Kinch seemingly make unconventionally crafted contemporary classical music, weaving lo-fi aesthetics with the humanism of vocals.

The track 'Breath 1' inhales a large scope of 'lost and found objects' and materials that captivate an enticing new-age sound. Naturally, they expose the listener to a rather authentic, raw and mesmerizing 5 minute track. The sheer sight of a market/collectible store must send their tongues and whammy's a-wagging, as here, they've paired rewired walkmans with cast-iron coffee grinders, bass with electric guitars and harmonica with ambient sounds within a café. It's interesting enough to tweak our ears and enthralling enough to keep an eye out for their future releases.